My name is David.

I do programming.

Cryptography is really cool.


What Is Happening?

Master thesis

SHA3 Keccak

Expected to be finished in 2016, I'm writing my Master's thesis on the new SHA3 standard, Keccak, its possibilities, performance and architecture. I'm specialising in cryptography and security at the University of Oslo, dep. of Informatics.


SALT Ship Design AS

I was very privileged when I got a job offer whilst still studying for my Bachelor's degree, in a field that was relevant to my studies! At SALT Ship I work with many skilled people who love what they do, and don't turn their back on new technology and possibilities.


This Is Awesome

Hanging out with my fiancé, my nephews, my friends and family. Taking trips abroad, hiking in the mountains or diving. Playing board games or video games, or just being outside in the garden.